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Dachshund Through The Snow – Make-Your-Own Cracker kit

Dachshund Through The Snow – Make-Your-Own Cracker kit

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Is there anything cuter than a tiny dog in a tiny outfit? Particularly if that outfit is Christmas themed! Well I certainly don’t think so, but as the owner of two very well dressed dachshund’s I may be a little biased.


These make-your-own christmas cracker kits, are printed with watercolour illustrations of dachshunds in festive jumpers and Santa’s hats, set on a backdrop of pretty blue snowflakes, presents and baubles.


It is possible to celebrate Christmas without feeling the guilt of excess and waste. Our cracker kits use grass paper which is far kinder to the environment than traditional paper – it is made using 99% less water than traditional wood-pulp based paper, requires 97% less energy to turn it into paper and is 100% chemical free.


Handmade in the UK, our crackers are the perfect choice for those seeking sustainable, eco-friendly festive products, that won’t end up as landfill waste.


Each pack of 6 contains cracker templates, snap, joke and party hat along with natural twine to tie the ends.


The Dachshund Through The Snow collection includes plantable greetings card and gift tags – available for sale separately - for a fully Dachshund themed Christmas click here 


Green Planet Living is a UK based company, selling handmade and eco friendly products. It specialises in a range of zero waste and recycled stationery, gift-wrapping and festive products for special occasions and events throughout the year, along with sustainable gifts and homeware. All products are made in the UK using locally sourced materials, the owner is dedicated to sustainability and is constantly evolving products to make them ever more eco-friendly. Products include greeting cards, wedding stationery, gift tags, ribbon and wrapping paper, glitter, crackers, candles, and diffusers. 

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