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Harvest Collection Seed Paper Wedding Invite

Harvest Collection Seed Paper Wedding Invite

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Whether you’re marrying in high summer or fall, this wedding invite will help set a theme for the day with rich autumnal colours and a big dash of sunshine yellow.  


If you want to celebrate your partnership with family and friends without creating excess landfill waste, this is the perfect pick for you.  


For those seeking sustainability and eco-friendly choices for their wedding day, the pretty floral design includes a collection of yellow, orange and rust coloured flowers, fitting for both a laidback wedding in the countryside or a more formal occasion. 


Each A5 biodegradeable, plantable invite comes with its own recycled brown Kraft envelope. Handmade in the UK, using paper made from pre-consumer waste cotton and embedded with a mix of 12 different native wildflower sees and various grasses. 


After your celebrations are done, your guests can plant your invite, water and watch it bloom into a flourishing mini meadow loved by bees and other pollinators. 


Your guests will never forget your special day, and by planting your stationery they will have something to remind them of those special moments, creating an excuse to pause, reflect and enjoy a moment of mindfulness in their busy day.  


This invite is also available as part of a Wedding Stationery set, including Save The Date and RSVP cards. The collection also includes place settings and table number, available for sale separately.  


Green Planet Living is a UK based company, selling handmade and eco friendly products. It specialises in a range of zero waste and recycled stationery, gift-wrapping and festive products for special occasions and events throughout the year, along with sustainable gifts and homeware. All products are made in the UK using locally sourced materials, the owner is dedicated to sustainability and is constantly evolving products to make them ever more eco-friendly. Products include greeting cards, wedding stationery, gift tags, ribbon and wrapping paper, glitter, crackers, candles, and diffusers.  

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