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Pastel Thank you | Seed Paper Thank you Cards

Pastel Thank you | Seed Paper Thank you Cards

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Lovely pastel pinks, purple and blue lettering, this plantable seed paper card is the perfect uncomplicated thank you card which is super sustainable.


--- Our paper ---

Our seed paper is hand made in the U.K. It is made from pre consumer waste cotton. As each sheet is made a native wildflower meadow seed mix is added to the sheet.

Due to the nature of our seed paper being hand made each sheet is slightly different giving it a unique look and feel. Our paper averages 260gsm however some sheets can feel thicker or thinner due to how it's made.

Because we want you to enjoy the plants that grow from the paper we get our plantable paper made specially for us by a small team of people. Each sheet of paper is manually raised from a vat of pulp and is hand pressed to remove as much water as possible. Once pressed It's hung up in the loft rafters to naturally air dry.

--- Size ---

Each card is A6 in size once folded - 105x148mm

--- Envelopes ---

Each card comes with a C6 recycled brown Kraft envelope which is made in the U.K. 🇬🇧

--- About us ---

Green Planet Living is a UK based company, selling handmade and eco friendly products. It specialises in a range of zero waste and recycled stationery, gift-wrapping and festive products for special occasions and events throughout the year, along with sustainable gifts and homeware. All products are made in the UK using locally sourced materials, the owner is dedicated to sustainability and is constantly evolving products to make them ever more eco-friendly. Products include greeting cards, wedding stationery, gift tags, ribbon and wrapping paper, glitter, crackers, candles, room and car diffusers.

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