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Dachshund Christmas wrapping paper 5m roll

Dachshund Christmas wrapping paper 5m roll

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Is there anything cuter than a tiny dog in a tiny outfit? Particularly if that outfit is Christmas themed! Well I certainly don’t think so, but as the owner of two very well dressed dachshund’s I may be a little biased.

500mm wide and a roll length of 5m this super cute eco wrapping paper is perfect for anyone wanting a sustainable Christmas this year featuring some super cute dachshunds

This paper is made out of recycled pulp and can go in the recycling bin once it's been used.

These rolls are core-less to reduce wasted packaging.


Made and printed in the U.K.

Green Planet Living is a UK based company, selling handmade and eco friendly products. It specialises in a range of zero waste and recycled stationery, gift-wrapping and festive products for special occasions and events throughout the year, along with sustainable gifts and homeware. All products are made in the UK using locally sourced materials, the owner is dedicated to sustainability and is constantly evolving products to

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