About us

Green Planet Living started out as a zero waste stationery company. Over time we have gradually added to our product range and have now become Green Planet Living. 
We aim to create products which are used in everyday life which are better for the environment. Where possible we aim to to be 100% plastic free!
We try and make all of our products ourselves, where this is not possible we make sure to source from companies which care for the environment as much as we do! All of our materials are sourced from British based companies.
We look forward to showing you our new creations and hope that you will join us on a journey to make the planet a cleaner, greener place!


Maddy is the founder of Green PlanetLiving.

With nearly a decade’s experience in the commercial stationery sector, Maddy decided to combine her passion for the environment with her industry knowledge, thus Green Planet Living was formed!

Maddy loves the outdoors, when she's not creating sustainable stationery she can be found either walking the dogs or tending to her allotment!

Lula & Maggie

Chief Mischief makers and sun bathers!

Maggie & Lula are miniature smooth hair dachshunds, they are half sisters born within 3 days of each other!

Lula (the Black and Tan)was brought into the Green Planet Living family at 10 weeks old in April 2021 and Maggie (the shaded red) joined when she was 10 months old in November 2021!

While in personality they are chalk and cheese they both love to keep Maddy on her toes! They often feature on Green Planet Livings social media, when not online they are normally found sunbathing in the office while Maddy is printing or making candles