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Serenity car diffuser and refill bottle

Serenity car diffuser and refill bottle

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This car diffuser and refill bottle blends fresh green top notes with warm patchouli, jasmine blossom, soft sweet woods, amber, musk, and vanilla bean for a delightful and aromatic scent. Enjoy the fresh and luxuriant aroma for up to 6 weeks.

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This portable diffuser is made from recyclable amber glass, wood and natural rope, a subtle piece of décor which can hang in your car from your rear view mirror, your tent, your shed or anywhere you want to create a luxurious and calming fragrance. The diffuser base oil is vegan, using predominately sunflower and rapeseed oil.

This portable diffuser is sold with 8ml of fragrance (which will give approximately 6 weeks of scent) and a 50ml refill bottle which will give approximately8 months worth of refill.

refillable car air fresher, black amber base, wooden top and black shoestring. Placed on a white background

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